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byWM is the universe of wIm h. Nothing more and nothing less.

It's about
the habitat of byWM

is the most creative part of byWM. In which  the accent is on tangibility, wearability and temporary. wIm became tiered of the hastiness of things. That is why he created byWM_the_LABEL_.
The label withdraws itself partially from these times that are dominated and dictated by social media. The digital world is taking over the human world. In times where insta-culture and online experiences are the standard, the label wants to go back to the street-culture and wants to make the experience real again. byWM refers with his label to his own youth in the 90’s when social media was not yet so perversely present. That time in which teenagers shaped their identity by clothing, music, cafés and festivals. That time in which teenagers could still be rebels. Logically, music, graphic design and subculture are the sources influencing the output of the label.

For PART01 byWM selected photos  from his archive of Belgian bands that have had an influence on his work. Images of GOOSE, Tim Vanhamel, Mauro and SX are printed on cotton and are sewed onto sweaters. In this way the photos'll be exposed in the streets by people, w(e)rable.

2019 - PART02

the world as seen by wIm


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wIm h.

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